Story of Vitaly Zubov

A customer testimonial to AsiaBC

How do you meet AsiaBC?

Five years ago my friend introduced Danny to me who is one of the founder member of Asia Business Centre.

What got you interested in working with AsiaBC?

After the first meeting they already came up with a detailed business solution, telling me what I should do and shouldn’t do at the early stage of my import-export business between Russia and China.

How did AsiaBC help you along the way?

I would act as the sole director and shareholder of my limited company registered in HK. I could sign the document before I came to Hong Kong for the bank interview of HSBC. By time I came, all papers and company chop were ready and the meeting was decently arranged. Danny also taught us how to keep records for accounting and taxation, and most importantly, how to be tax efficient.

Would you recommend AsiaBC to a friend?

For years I have introduced many of my friends who is interested in setting up offshore company. Thanks to Danny and his team we are doing pretty well without paying anything extra.