What types of share can a Hong Kong private company have?

A class, or type, of share all having identical rights; So, every share of the same class is the same in terms of rights that go with.

Reserve Director vs. Alternate Director vs. Nominee Director in Hong Kong Private Limited Companies

Compare functions, requirements and benefits of these director types available in Hong Kong private company limited by shares.

Hong Kong stepping-up transparency to all private companies, while privacy saved

Hong Kong has upgraded its regulations on AML/CFT upgrade since 1 March 2018, it's time to look at what the customers should know.
Featured Image: Asiabc Blog, Offshore Profits Exemption 2019

Offshore Profits Exemption Claim is tough to obtain

Hong Kong tax authority has been taking more stringent and somehow cautious approach to handle offshore profits exemption claim made.

Don’t waste money on “one-day Hong Kong incorporation”!

After H.K. government launched online incorporation service, registration of a new Hong Kong company can be done in one day, but this "express" incorporation service is only feasible to some people.

What You Need to Know About "Significant Controller Register (SCR)"?

By 1 March 2018, Hong Kong companies must prepare for and maintain Significant Controller Register (SCR) of the companies, according to The Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2018.