3 Steps to Turn your Idea into a Business in Hong Kong (updated 2019)

To turn your idea into a business, you need to create a startup. We have 3 tips for you to kickstart, register a company, write the business plan, and attract business partners.

How to Apply for Business Bank Account in Hong Kong for non-Residents?

Can non residents of Hong Kong open business bank account in Hong Kong? Yes, here is the tips to get ready.

Don’t waste money on “one-day Hong Kong incorporation”!

After H.K. government launched online incorporation service, registration of a new Hong Kong company can be done in one day, but this "express" incorporation service is only feasible to some people.

What You Need to Know About "Significant Controller Register (SCR)"?

By 1 March 2018, Hong Kong companies must prepare for and maintain Significant Controller Register (SCR) of the companies, according to The Companies (Amendment) Ordinance 2018.

How is the sharing economy in Hong Kong?

With the boom of online platforms connecting specific users, renting your underutilized stuff with others is the core of sharing economy.
e-shopping in Hong Kong

9 facts of Hong Kong e-retail you should know

We share our hands-on experience of doing e-retail in Hong Kong, a well-developed economy and an fast-growing online shopping market.

How to make your business website seems more trustworthy?

Simple steps in how to build trust with your customers when they visit your business website.
Create you niche market.

Creating your niche market to outstand your business in competition

Grouping your customers and provide them for focus products is the key to turn any business into profits.

Expats Guide of Business Account Opening at Hong Kong (Updated 2019)

Bank account opening at Hong Kong is more complex and time consuming. Let's see the updated guide to expats in year 2017.

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