10 Tips to Wise HK Company up about Profits Tax Calculation & Savings

Every April, it's time to file the Profits Tax return in Hong Kong.

Best Time to Start Your Hong Kong Company Online, Why?

Check out the latest benefits of Hong Kong limited company formation in 2020.

Singapore Company Intro (4): Tax Reliefs, Expense Deductions, Audit Exemption

Vol 4 Singapore Company Setup Guide. Tax advantages and compliance benefits of running a start-up in Singapore.

[ Tax Tips ] Stamp Duties on Transfer of Residential Property (II)

Take a look at how people in Hong Kong avoiding the stamp duties in the housing property market.

[ Tax Tips ] Stamp Duties on Transfer of Residential Property (I)

Stamp Duty is a part of administrative measures to curb the overheat residential property market in Hong Kong, do you know how it work?

[ Tax Tips ] Corporate Accounting V.S. Statutory Audit

Corporate accounting and statutory audit are often confusing: Both are obligations of Hong Kong companies, but their handling are different.

[ Tax Tips ] 5 Important Dates of Running HK Companies

After you register your Hong Kong company, you must remember these dates and settle the obligations on-time to get rid of trouble.

[ Tax Tips ] How to Play Smart to Deductible Expense in Profits Tax for HK Startups?

Be smart to claim your business expenditures as deductible expenses against your Profits Tax. Understand the risk of claim to much and how to avoid.

[ Tax Tips ] Legally Get 1 Year Ahead for Profits Tax Return without Cost

A Hong Kong company can obtain over 12 months ahead for getting the taxation and accounting duties of Profits Tax ready, without any cost (or even saving some money).

3 Steps to Start Your Business in HK

Simple guide of doing small business in Hong Kong for non-residents (2019 Update), linking company formation, tax, and bank account.

Offshore Profits Exemption Claim – Tough to Obtain?

In 2020, Hong Kong tax authority has been taking more stringent and somehow cautious approach to handle offshore profits exemption claim made. We have some hints for SMBs in Hong Kong.

HK Cuts Profits Tax to Help Startups and SMEs

Hong Kong government has implemented new two-tiered profits tax rates regime starting from 1 April 2018.

Working in China: Individual Double Tax Relief for HK Residents

The mainland China and Hong Kong governments have signed agreement to solve double taxation problem faced by H.K. residents working cross-border.

Russia & HK Double Tax Treaty Enters in Force

Russia has concluded a Double Tax Treaty with Hong Kong, it has been applied from 1 January 2017 in Russia and from 1 April 2017 in Hong Kong.

Foreigners’ Business Structure for China Sourcing

For businesses in competitive industries with thin profit margins such as sourcing in China, finding the economic route to operate in China is the key to business continuity.

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