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Beware the required license and permit to operate your business, for protection, or free from trouble.

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Here you can obtain the core information about the information of intellectual property (IP) registration, and application of license of very few restricted business in Hong Kong.

No matter what is your objective: you are a IP owner oversea, you are going to register your IP in Hong Kong, you need information about the required business licenses of your business in Hong Kong. AsiaBC is always your trustful partner in Hong Kong.

We write articles to response the inquiry we are frequently questioned:

  • How is the IP protection in Hong Kong?
  • What are the difference between the type of IP in Hong Kong?
  • How to handle the registration in Hong Kong?
  • How to handle the registration in Mainland China and Macau?
  • Does my business require a license to run in Hong Kong?
  • How to apply for it?

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