What is Virtual Office?

Virtual Offices are a corresponding business location of your business in Hong Kong.

Virtual offices are not an office that exist in cyberspace, they are physical business space that exist in the commercial buildings within Hong Kong Central Business District (CBD) indeed. The operators of virtual office provide the services that business owners need to operate as if they have a physical office, so that business owners can rent the virtual office when they need it, and the virtual office can be ready immediately.

Virtual offices come with professional secretarial services like dedicated local phone numbers with customized receptionists handling, business conference rooms for rent and use of the Hong Kong commercial address for mail correspondents. The business owners do not have to commute a physical office but they can work as if they have.

Regarding of mail corresponding address, it works well for building solid image of your business presence as business owner can use the local commercial address on your business cards, mailing labels, letterheads, websites and other promotional items. The incoming mails to this address are stored for collection, forwarded it onto the owner, or scanned into digital copies and sent to owner based on the instruction given.

Why Virtual Office?

Every entrepreneur must heard about the importance of setting up a business office location in commercial district – a physical premises that is zoned for business – because it can speaks loud for your business as well as operation.

Virtual offices are not only the choice for budding businesses, but also multinational businesses.


Use virtual offices, use it when and where you need it.

Rental cost in Hong Kong is heavy, setup a physical premise is time consuming. Sometimes it is not feasible for you to invest in a permanent office which means a fixed and long term financial burden when the money can be better invest in other places.


Location is convenient to you and your employees.

Do you know working at home or at somewhere convenient to your employees mean a huge saving? Renting a virtual office at the nearest location of your employees, and enable them to stay focus on competition, not traveling.

Business image

Access to ready-made office address in prime business location.

Need not to train your receptionists for call answering and mail handling, they are ready at your disposal after you use virtual office. Speak volume for your presence in prime business location in Hong Kong, after signing up for Hong Kong virtual office immediately.

What AsiaBC virtual office services do.


AsiaBC offers flexible contract terms and immediate setup of Virtual Office Services, please contact us for details. Thank you.

Mail / Courier Correspondence Address in Hong Kong

  • A Hong Kong commercial address for business correspondence use (e.g. name card, website, etc.)
  • Customizable mail handling instruction
    • mail scanning
    • mail storage
    • mail forward
  • Notice: Parcel handling requires prior notice to AsiaBC and be charged separately. Additional cost of courier fee and postal charge are exclusive.
  • Attendance to incoming mails available within AsiaBC office hours.

Hong Kong Telephone Number with Receptionists Answering

  • A dedicated HK telephone number for business correspondence use (e.g. name card, website, etc.)
  • English / Mandarin Chinese / Cantonese Chinese speaking receptionists
  • Diverting all the incoming calls according to client’s instruction
  • Email notice of incoming call to clients in the same working day
  • Attendance to incoming phone calls available within AsiaBC office hours

Hong Kong Fax Number with Handling

  • A dedicated HK fax number for business correspondence use (e.g. name card, website, etc.)
  • Storing all the incoming fax in digital copies
  • Email forwarding of incoming fax to clients in the same working day
  • Attendance to incoming faxes available within AsiaBC office hours.

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