Notice to Hong Kong corporate bank account opening:

Update on June 21, 2017 by AsiaBC: Hong Kong banks accept Seychelles incorporated bodies to open business bank accounts in Hong Kong. Assistant service details of our promotional package: Hong Kong bank account opening (Refund on No Win).

Formation Service:
Seychelles International Business Company

National flag of the Republic of Seychelles

Basic Fact of Seychelles
Official Language: English, French and Creole
Legal System:British Common Law (corporate and criminal legislation).
Other legislation are based on Civil Law
Currency:Seychelles rupee
Time Zone:GMT +4

Seychelles, officially the republic of Seychelles, is a group of approximately 115 islands suited in the Indian Ocean. The country is an independent republic within British commonwealth. The government is elected democratically and the society is stable.

In addition, the China Embassy in Seychelles is helpful offer apostille and certified true of the documents needed to be processed in China.

Offshore Company in Seychelles:
International Business Company (IBC)

International Business Company (IBC) in Seychelles is extremely simple to incorporate and maintain, it gives international investors the flexibility and privacy they are long for in structuring their global business.


Tax Free:

  • Seychelles IBC is exempt from taxation on business activities or transactions outside of the Seychelles.

Company Name:

  • Both English and Chinese character names can be included in a company’s Certificate of Incorporation.

Corporate Structure:

  • IBC needs at least one director and one shareholder, who may be natural persons or corporate entities. The same person can be direct and shareholder at the same time.
  • Shareholders, directors, and officers may be of any nationality and may be residents of any country.
  • A company secretary is not mandatory. If you appoint one, there is no restriction to he/her nationality and residency.
  • Appointment of local officer is not required.

Registered Office Address:

  • Local registered office address is needed.


  • The language of legislation and corporate documentation is either English or French. If any other language is used, it must be accompanied by a translation in either English or French.

Shareholding Structure:

  • IBC is permitted to issue different types of share e.g. preference shares, shares without voting rights.
  • No public access to particular of shareholders.


  • Financial reporting is not compulsory.

Other administrations:

  • Annual general meetings is not compulsory; if meetings are held, they can take place outside Seychelles, by any electronic means.
  • There is no requirement to register initial or ongoing changes in directors or officers.
  • Annual Return can be done in the form of written declaration.

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