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Since you can’t risk any opportunities by mistaking local regulations and laws

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Once you realize your needs of moving to Hong Kong, you’d better seeking help from VISA and immigration consultant firm located in the destination that are familiar with local regulations and laws related to immigration of Hong Kong.

As a professional entrepreneur relocation consulting firm offering assistance in application of Hong Kong VISA and various immigration programs for our overseas clients inbound to Hong Kong since 2009, we understand your needs and frustration when relocating yourself, your staff, your company as well as your family to a fresh scenery – especially with different language, society, culture and legal system your are not familiar with.

Speaking of business, you can’t afford to miss any business opportunities to your rival simply by misunderstanding the local rules and regulations resulting in delay or even unsuccessful application. Can I handle the application earlier by myself? Unfortunately, this knowledge is not the easiest thing to grasp, and effective application always require successful experience.

AsiaBC VISA and immigration consultant services provides various types of Hong Kong in-bound immigration services to foreign nationals, SMEs, and multinational corporations to assist their relocation to Hong Kong, here is the overview of immigration consultation:

Overview of Immigration Consulting Services as a part of our entrepreneur Relocation by Asia Business Centre.

Overview of AsiaBC Immigration Consulting Services as a part of our entrepreneur Relocation by Asia Business Centre.

Hong Kong is the best place for doing business in Asia, as well as living here. We prepare a Free “Guide to Hong Kong” to explain the commonly asked questions about immigration and VISA to Hong Kong from our oversea clients. You will find landing in Hong Kong is as easy as company formation and tax filing.

Flow of Services

Our involvement makes your application easy and accurate


Introduce the most feasible visa option for you and your company.


Speak and write in plain and simple English what are the technical requirements for each visa option.


Take a look of our clients’ successful cases and you will be inspired.


You questions will be answered by our representative, no email auto-reply, no robot.


With our all-round Hong Kong immigration knowledge, we find out and give our advice to your hidden issues.


Assist in prepare for documents are needed for your “specific” situation.


Prepare for and fill in all necessary forms for your signatures.


Review all your documents and correct if necessary before submission.

Company Plan...

Advise on your company business plan for fitting immigration purpose.


Our in-house staff submit your application as well as all supporting document in person for the highest security.


Keep track with government about your application progress.


Update the different stage of your application in person.


Give friendly reminders to government and ensure the process is rolling.


Liaise directly with officer about your application case by case.


Act on behalf of you to deal with government so leave you free from contacting with.


Advise and prepare for any government’s further query.


Collect the approved VISA by our staff for security.


Deliver the collected VISA (upon request).

Stay in touch...

Keep you updated about any changes of the Immigration policy, and remind about your further visa extension and permanent resident application at the appropriate time.

Type of Hong Kong Immigration Program

Please see from below categories the best suit your situation and their requirements.

  • Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS)

    Commonly known as “point-tested scheme with quota”. QMAS applicants’ qualifications and achievements are accessed. Successful applicants can take up whatever employment or set up their own companies in Hong Kong.

  • Investment Visa

    For the owners of the business who would like to setup, expand establishment in, and relocate to Hong Kong. Applicants’ business proof and business plan are required.

  • Employment Visa

    For employee to have long-term employment relationship with a company in Hong Kong, proof of monthly salaries is required.

  • Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals (ASMTP)

    Only for professional people who have been residing in Mainland China, applicants should possess special skills and experience in the specific area which are not commonly available in Hong Kong.

  • Residence as Dependants (Dependants Visa)

    For direct dependent family members of Hong Kong Residents or Hong Kong Permanent Residents to join the living of their sponsors in Hong Kong.

  • Pro-longed Visitor Visa

    For holders of Visit VISA to extend their period of stay in Hong Kong for maximum 12 months. It is commonly used by members of defacto relationship (e.g. unmarried partners) to stay in Hong Kong. Visit Visa is not a resident visa.

  • Training Visa (Entry for Training in Hong Kong)

    For interns or trainees to be stationed in a Hong Kong company to receive training.

  • Entry for Study in Hong Kong (Student Visa)

    For students offered placement in one of the academic institutes in Hong Kong.

  • SUSPENDED - The Capital Investment Entrant Scheme (Money Investor Visa)

    Also known as “ten million investment scheme”, for certain foreign nationals and residents to obtain residence by purely monetary investing in Hong Kong.

  • Permanent Resident of Hong Kong

    Applicants must be staying in Hong Kong legally for at least 7-year of continuous period when you submit this application.

  • Travel Pass Scheme

    For frequent business travelers to Hong Kong, successful applicants enjoy simplified procedures to re-enter and stay in Hong Kong  within a valid period, without the need of visa or entry permit for their every entry.

  • Working Holiday Scheme

    For citizens aged 18 to 30 of Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Korea (Republic of), New Zealand, United Kingdom and Ireland to enjoy their long holiday in Hong Kong while taking up some short-term employment and/or studies.

You are advise to read our “Business Guide to Hong Kong” section for immigration in Hong Kong.

Immigration is not the easiest knowledge to get in short, seek help from professionals.