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We’re a corporate service firm in Hong Kong venturing into a highly competitive market of entrepreneur relocation for overseas customers in 2009. During the startup period, it was a truly profound experience that taught us how to overcome problems ranging from sales and marketing, Human Resource, I.T., accounting, financing, office space, and you name it. The lesson we learned is we can’t overlook single problem but when the pain persist, we should seek professional advice, as early as possible.

AsiaBC understands the needs and solutions of the startups, our Startup Assistant Services (SAS) is a solution of tailor-made assistance and consultation services targeting to startups. When your firm grows, you can outsource the administrative duty to us. We work closely with your firm’s principals and key employees to understand your business model and the key drivers for its success.

Kindly take a second to review our business support services as follows.

Overview of AsiaBC Startup Assistant Services (SAS) as a part of our entrepreneur Relocation by Asia Business Centre.

Overview of AsiaBC Startup Assistant Services (SAS) as a part of our entrepreneur Relocation by Asia Business Centre.

Hiring staff in Hong Kong is always the popular question after incorporation and taxation, kindly take a look to the articles from our free “Guide to Hong Kong” to learn more about engaging employment in Hong Kong:

We help to save your money.

And your time and effort through enhancing efficiency.

Our startup consultants can not only give professional advice but also help to make it right.

  • Arrangement of Businesses Contracts & Agreements

    Through our network of local legal consultants, AisaBC can enable startups to focus at putting together various templates and reviewing contracts and agreements in a cost-effective manner as follows:

    • Agreements among shareholders
    • Employment agreements
    • Buy/sell of products/services agreements
    • Other Business-related contracts/agreements
  • Human Resource Arrangement

    We enable startups to grow and prosper through the effective management and measurement of the right professional employees by the following:

    • Staff recruitment
    • Creating HR policies
    • Staff payroll handling
  • Applications of Assistance Schemes

    We help startups to access and utilize various government-sponsored startups supporting schemes relevant to industries. Here are some of the example:

    • Tax incentive schemes
    • Government funding schemes
    • Business incubator schemes
    • Startups Training Scheme
    • Patent Management Scheme
  • I.T. Solutions Consultant

    AsiaBC IT advisory services focus on your challenges to help deliver improved business performance by addressing the IT and business agenda together.

    • Identifying the right IT infrastructure for your business
    • Implementing the selected IT infrastructure
    • Transforming your business through deep utilization of technology

You are welcomed to visit our “Business Guide to Hong Kong” section for in-depth understanding of doing business in Hong Kong.

We helps startups. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.