Are you a victim of Unsatisfied Corporate Services?

Switching your compliance & accounting services provider to AsiaBC is fast and easy.

Are you looking for another corporate service provider in Hong Kong to support your company compliance? No matter what your company’s businesses are, if you company needs to change to new Company Secretary, Registered Address, or any other business supportive services such as Virtual Office, switch your company compliance supporter to AsiaBC, we will be your long-term partners and support your business development.

AsiaBC always focus on versatile yet tailor-made services to our client through continuous training on our team of various talent, network building in banking and finance sector, as well as investment in our infrastructure. You are welcome to check out the latest clients’ testimonials for our word.

No hassle switching to AsiaBC. AsiaBC can handle your requirement of corporate services in the following:

The change of company compliance and business supporting services to AsiaBC is easy.

Overview of company compliance and support items to be changed to AsiaBC.

The signs that you should move to a new compliance services partner in Hong Kong

Your business deserves a swift and versatile partner to support your growth.

  • Fallible service provider

    Did you receive business services with critical error?

  • Not responding

    Did your routine requests receive unreasonable lead time?

  • Generic or "cookie-cutter" services

    Did your business require tailor-made service with flexibility?

  • High services fees

    Was your company charged exceptional services fees for not-so-special services?

  • Lack of train-through services

    Do you prefer a single service partner to support all your needs of entrepreneur relocation to Hong Kong?

How can AsiaBC make switching swiftly?

Because AsiaBC brings you complete solution of business services.

  • Free consultation

    You only need to provide us basic information and our dedicated team will take it from there. We will liaise with your current provider on behalf of your company, prepare all necessary documents and perform the cut-over seamlessly.

  • Service proposal

    We will discuss your current situation to understand your needs and concerns that you may have about your current provider. We will then prepare a service proposal for you.

  • No-hassle Termination

    Upon your approval, we will prepare service termination notice on your behalf and deliver to your existing provider. We will setup our systems with the details of your company and commence the services accordingly.

  • Smooth Handover

    We will arrange for collection of your company’s statutory files from your old services provider.

  • Updates to authorities

    We will prepare and file all necessary documents with the relevant regulatory bodies to inform them of the change of service provider. We will review the compliance status of your firm for the current and previous financial years and inform you if any action is required.

You are advised to take a look to our “Business Guide to Hong Kong” section to know more about requirements of company maintenance in Hong Kong.

Are you ready to migration your company administration and supportive services to AsiaBC?