Entrepreneur Relocation Hong Kong

Tailored-made services for worldwide clients who wish to invest and live in Hong Kong.


Asia Business Centre (Holdings) Limited (AsiaBC) is a entrepreneur relocation solutions provider based in Hong Kong. We are focusing on assisting global clients to deploy establishment in Hong Kong by delivery of business consultation, asset acquisition and wealth management services to lubricating the frictions between the government statutory compliance, legal regulations, and financial aid.

We specialize in seeking capital investment opportunities in Hong Kong including acquisitions of property and real estate, and financial instrument to craft comprehensive investment strategies for overseas investors. We are proud to present “one stop shop” assistant to the investors in seeking targeted investment opportunities, realizing the acquisition process, leveraging our all-round knowledge and network of efficient accountancy and legal services providers to deliver the outcome as well as ongoing management services.

Hong Kong, as one of the most stable and well developed economy in East Asia and world-class financial hub, always welcomes overseas investment and business ventures to establish there. Legal independence, freedom of doing business, stable workforce, and gateway to access developing market in Mainland China are part of the Hong Kong attractiveness to global entrepreneurs (whether start-up or established). We believe that Hong Kong is the best place for your overseas investment.

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AsiaBC is highly selective with its choice of investment opportunities, choosing sound established companies with top management teams offering above average ROI.

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Our team has developed our pride in customer satisfactory through our pursuit of integrity, value-based pricing and respect for client confidentiality. The awards from HSBC and The Standard Chartered Bank confirm our services as bank account opening intermediates in Hong Kong.

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Our Strenght

AsiaBC categorizes our business relocation specialties into 4 distinctive but interconnected fields:

Incorporation Services

Company registration, and its statutory requirement, ongoing compliance and annual renewal

Tax and Accounting Services

Bank account opening assistant, application of funding, acquisition of financial instrument.
Hong Kong business tax return, Hong Kong individual tax return, Hong Kong employers tax return, book keeping, tax-efficiency consultation, oversea-sourced income arrangement.

Immigration Services

Application of Investment VISA, Permanent Residence and various entrant program

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