Story of Albert Pestana

A customer testimonial to AsiaBC

How do you meet AsiaBC?

Out of my luck, I had my chance to know Raymond and Danny during my visit to Canton Fair which is held in Guangzhou, China. I was already in trading business in my home country South Africa and tried to find some good suppliers in the fair. They came to say hi to me and asked me if I was a buyer.

What got you interested in working with AsiaBC?

We started our long conversation about business in China and this is exactly how I know about Hong Kong company and its role in tax efficiency.

How did AsiaBC help you along the way?

I feel so excited since they told me I could save at less 50% of my tax (in which I later found out that it’s almost 100%). They left me their name card and asked to come to Hong Kong to have a look by myself. Why not? It’s always tempting when talk about saving money!

Then you guess the rest of my story. They offer me the best way handle my trading business by doing all the settlements in Hong Kong since all the suppliers have bank account in Hong Kong, too. Since the products go directly from China to South Africa, I don’t even have to pay any tax in Hong Kong!

For 6 years I am doing really well and I must thank these guys for their efforts. I don’t have to worry about the operation, taxation and accounting for my Hong Kong company. Raymond and Danny have it all taken care of.

Would you recommend AsiaBC to a friend?

Yes, definitely.