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AsiaBC provides complete Hong Kong business centre, serviced office space solutions and virtual office services for entrepreneur relocated to Hong Kong as a part of our Incorporation Services.

Overview of Business Centre Services as a part of our entrepreneur Relocation by Asia Business Centre.

Virtual Office Services Kit

Starter Kit

Your correspondence address in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong – Suited in prime commercial district in Hong Kong Island

Local receptionist for handling mail/parcel receiving and forwarding services

Advance Kit

Immediate mail scanning and scanned mail forwarding to your email address

Everything in Starter Kit

Ultimate Kit

Unique and dedicated Hong Kong telephone landline for your business card and corresponding
Local facsimile (fax) number is optionally available.

Local receptionist providing English and Chinese phone call greeting and corresponding on behalf of your company name

Everything in Advance Kit

Why Business Centre in Hong Kong?

In the current tumbling economic climate, startup entrepreneur should take advantage of the flexibility of sharing office space in a business centre with other business owners. AsiaBC is truly on our clientsr list of premium choice in Hong Kong.

While they are rapidly emerging in Hong Kong, Hong Kong’s business centers have been a core part of the Hong Kong startup culture for over 30 years. AsiaBC business centre provides a complete business solution including fully equipped offices, customized reception desk and meeting rooms, registered office address, statutory secretarial  services and other support services to serve small business owners. Without capital investment overhead to buy or lease office furniture is required, our clients of business centre services enjoy immediate access to fully furnished and well-equipped work-space in Causeway Bay – Hong Kong, city’s heart of commerce.

Our clients are free from trouble to concentrate their resources on core business immediately and to reduce their financial risk of the minimum rental period of an office flat which is usually 24-month contract with 3 mount rent upfront deposit plus 1-month rent as service fee to the estate agent.

Business conference is vital for startup to archive business deals as well as to share experience with partners. AsiaBC meeting room is available for flexible terms of rental.

Essentially, eliminating the burden of fixed overhead in capital investment and sharp depreciating cost investing in today’s technology, startup entrepreneur in Hong Kong should move their workspace to AsiaBC business centre services which charge monthly accommodation fee to cover all expense of utilities, business rates, building insurance, cleaning and maintenance, receptionist, furniture and most significantly, telecoms services.

Why Virtual Office in Hong Kong?

To a small, startup business, using AsiaBC virtual office can help venture into the open world of business. Offering support with tailor-made call answering and mailbox services, AsiaBC’s virtual offices services is the lowest cost solution to launch business on flexible terms – without a physical office in a Hong Kong commercial region.

AsiaBC tailored virtual offices boost and develop our clients business image by portraying a reliable, and established companies.

AsiaBC call answering services guarantees that our clients as well as company calls are answered via a dedicated local land-line telephone number. Equipped with dedicated receptionist services, clients are able to leave detailed greeting messages with a person instead of mobile phone voice mailbox. Clients’ calls can be passed onto designated relevant person.

For our work-from-home and job-in-mobile clients work remotely, they need an office (business) address as corresponding in Hong Kong for obtaining a serviced mailbox for collecting all business mails. For company, they additionally need the registered office address as fulfilling compliance for registration of Hong Kong company, business registration and Hong Kong bank account opening. AsiaBC mail forwarding services can then redirect those mail and parcel be sent out or collected by our clients. The dedicated business addresses through the mailbox service can be used for companies looking for a regional presence, too.

We hope our clients business is growing fast, AsiaBC virtual office offer a great tool to them as an indicator to whether expansion of taking physical office space in Hong Kong, where the business environment is competitive and demanding to business owners.

Why Hong Kong Registered Office Address?

Under the Companies Ordinance AND Business Registration Ordinance (both of them are main pieces of the companies laws in Hong Kong), all limited companies as well as registered business need to maintain a local registered office address in Hong Kong for maintaining statutory records of the company and receipt of acknowledging government’s correspondence.

AsiaBC offers rental of Registered Office Address to both overseas and local entrepreneur who are:

  • going to set up a company and thus business registration in Hong Kong but did not hire an physical real estate in Hong Kong.
  • concerned about privacy and want to keep the beneficial owner’s address from government and public record.
  • interested in doing business with a business address in reputable commercial region in Hong Kong.

Why Hong Kong Corresponding Address in Commercial District?

When your potential customers and partners think about the identity of your company or enterprise, corporate color, logos and brand names come to mind right now. In addition to these, the most appealing identity of your business is its physical office address. An address is the only attributes that gives people a solid first impression of what kind of and how solid your firm is. Be honest to yourself, how you feel about a firm if its office is suited in central business district (CBD) of the city as opposed to that in an outlying zone.

Choosing a virtual office provider which is based in the CBD is a cost-effective solution to inspires people with the trust and confidence to contact.

Located on Hong Kong Island, AsiaBC’s business centre is suited in between Wan Chai and Causeway Bay. People has traditional perception of these area of doing business and commerce, and a conjunction between western and eastern culture. It is an interconnecting point with the following facilities:

Extra Address?

AsiaBC has extensive cooperation with Hong Kong and offshore business centre providers, reach us for more option of addresses.

Supercharge your business

Exempt from overhead and depreciation of equipment and premise, gain flexibility.

  • Serviced Office / Shared Working Space

    AsiaBC offers you furnished office suites to cater for 1 to 20 people. You must see image of your business increase steadily after having your office in the heart of Hong Kong’s commerce region, focus on your core business, gain control to your financial expense.

  • Virtual Office

    Your business needs flexibility, we offer the tool you need. You can work in a professional business environment while you can work either at home or during your travel abroad. Tell me your need, we offer the customized mobile business environment at your service.

  • Mail Scanning, Parcel Handling & Forward

    No longer get stuck by unwanted mails, get an premium address as well as handling services for your mails. Global mail forwarding, letters/document scanning, immediate notification, manual junk mail filtering, flexible storage space and re-mailing services are available.

  • Call Answering / Facsimile line

    Miss phone calls? not anymore. Designated business local landlines phone number with tailored local receptionists to answer your phone calls in English and Chinese, instant notification of phone message. Dedicated Fax line with email forwarding and manual spam filtering.

  • Registered Office Address

    Entrepreneur who want to set up a company without hiring an office space still need an local Registered Address as an compliance with incorporation, business registration, and bank accounts obligation. AsiaBC can help.

  • Meeting Room

    Rent a meeting space in a local business address by hour, by day or longer.

We recommend you to visit our “Business Guide to Hong Kong” section of detailed information on how to operate a business in Hong Kong.

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