Appoint professionals to deal with your tax return.

AsiaBC’s accountants staff are capable of handling client’s corporate as well as personal tax filing to comply with requirement of Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (IRD) and tax legislation in Hong Kong.

Our accountants are experienced to offer professional tax advisory and tax planning to optimize the tax affairs of client in Hong Kong.

Appoint us as your “Tax Representative” to assist your IRD related matters like annual filing, inquiries, investigation and etc..

Please contact us for a free preliminary consultation regarding your tax arrangement and rights:

Professional Services:

Annual Tax Return Filing

Our accountants offer a perspective view of tax related issues, and assist our clients to complete their personal and corporate tax return on time.

Once taxpayers receive any tax returns from the IRD, they are liable to have them prepared and returned promptly and timely. Late submission or false filing of tax return may attract penalties and court summons.

We can help:

  • Filing of corporate tax returns (profits tax return)
  • Filing of employer’s returns
  • Filing of employee tax returns (salaries tax return)
  • Applying extension for tax returns filing (submission deadline extension)
  • Filing property tax return
  • Filing of Individual Tax Returns
  • Electing Personal Assessment (for individual)

Tax Computation

Any taxpayer who files an “incorrect return” by omitting or understating any tax-related material without “reasonable excuses” commits an offense.

Appoint us as  your tax representative, we can assist you to minimize your risk by our tax computation services.

We can help:

  • Propose tax computation with supporting schedules

Tax Investigation

Our tax representative handle the query and investigation raised by IRD. Although these query may be the result of sample check, sometimes these are triggered by suspicious records.

Careful handling is critical to avoid potential loss and penalty.

We can help:

  • Assist in handling IRD’s inquiry and investigation to protect clients’ rights.

Tax Exemption Claim

As a traditional offshore-like financial centre, Hong Kong adopts territorial principle of taxation – income generated by a Hong Kong company and a Hong Kong resident may not be taxable when the income is sourced outside of Hong Kong with certain proof.

We can help:

  • Utilize this system for efficient tax planning.

Other Services

  • Application to objection of IRD’s assessment
  • Application to holdover of provisional tax of payment by installments

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