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4 Reasons Why an Office Address in HK Enhances Trust

Contributed by AsiaBC | 29 July 2022

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You might have heard ‘registered office address’ a hundred times when setting up your offshore company and probably asked yourself for the nth time what it’s for and why you need one.

FYI, a local registered office address is part of your company compliance when registering your offshore company.

Use this blog to your advantage and learn :

  • What Is Registered Office Address
  • Benefits of Hong Kong Registered Office Address
  • AsiaBC’s Registered Office Address Service
  • Optimise Your Corporate Image

What Is Registered Office Address

A Registered Office Address is required when incorporating your offshore company and will serve as your official business address.

In HK, the Companies Registry mandates a Registered Office Address to all Hong Kong companies upon company formation, and it is best to take note of the following :

  • The address registered must receive all legal documents, notices, statements, and the like.
  • A PO box address as your registered office address is prohibited.
  • Using your home address is valid as long as the tenancy agreement allows it. However, remember that this will be submitted to the public records and might invade your privacy.

Benefits of Hong Kong Registered Office Address

  • It keeps your personal residence private. While it is possible to use your residential address when registering your Hong Kong company, keep in mind that this will be submitted to the Public Information, making it accessible to anyone.
  • Your designated point of contact. Your official registered office address will receive all statutory mails, notices, statements, and legal documents from the government offices, banks, and other third-party connections.
  • It builds your image in Hong Kong. Having a registered office address in HK allows you to establish your business name, creating a more professional and credible look.
  • You’ll cutback your startup costs. Signing up for a virtual office is cheaper than setting up an actual workplace. It reduces your monthly expenses in rent payments, utilities, equipment, and office supplies.

AsiaBC’s Registered Office Address Service

International entrepreneurs continue to launch their Hong Kong companies in the city despite the ongoing pandemic, and finding an office address that can help promote your business can be pretty challenging.

In AsiaBC, we provide a location for your company right in the vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong — 8th Floor, China Hong Kong Tower,‌ ‌8-12 Hennessy‌ ‌Road,‌ ‌Wan‌ ‌Chai,‌ ‌Hong‌ ‌Kong‌.

The Perks of Our Registered Office Address Service :

  • 1-year use of the AsiaBC address
  • Government and bank mail forwarding to the address you provided
  • Digitised corporate stamp

Our Registered Office Address service is not a standalone item, but here are two ways you can take advantage of it :

  • Company Formation + Free Digital Banking Account – Fitting for businesses launching or expanding their business in HK.
  • Company Secretarial Support – Ideal for companies planning to change their registered office address to AsiaBC.

Optimise Your Corporate Image

Enhancing your company’s reputation overseas is an excellent strategy to earn the trust of your target market and supplier. Take your Hong Kong venture to the next level with a business-like setting with AsiaBC’s Virtual Office Service.

A Virtual Office is a versatile workspace that enables businesses to operate remotely in a new location without purchasing or renting a conventional office. This type of service can vary or be a combination of business address, mail forwarding, phone, and secretarial services.

Top 3 Advantages of Virtual Office :

  • Promotes your business in a new location. Using a virtual office, you start to build a professional and credible standing in your market.
  • Cost-effective, time-efficient, and environment-friendly. It cuts costs on lease payments, utility bills, and other additional expenses traditional offices have. Plus, you save time from commuting and getting stuck in traffic.
  • Simple and easy to set up. You can choose your preferred business area and register with your service provider online.

AsiaBC’s Virtual Office Service :

  • Use AsiaBC address for 1 year – 8th Floor, China Hong Kong Tower,‌ ‌8-12 Hennessy‌ ‌Road,‌ ‌Wan‌ ‌Chai,‌ ‌Hong‌ ‌Kong‌.
  • Designated Hong Kong office number for 1 year.
  • Receptionist service greeting your clients in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin with your company name.
  • Collection and forwarding of caller’s information within the day.

AsiaBC — Always Your Partner

The expansion of your Hong Kong company shouldn’t be hampered by the difficulty of building a trustworthy image that your clients and partners can rely on. Continue to grow and thrive with the right support that guides you in every step.

If a thing’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. Don’t let one little thing stand in the way of your success. Contact us at or WhatsApp us at +852 6547 1314. Let’s get ready to take on the high road.

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Asia Business Centre (Asia Business Centre (AsiaBC) [HK+SG Bank Account Opening / Company Formation / Company Secretary / Accounting & Tax])

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