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Introducing Dual Benefits with AsiaBC’s Client Referral System

Contributed by AsiaBC | 06 Jun 2024

Asia Business Centre (Asia Business Centre (AsiaBC) [HK+SG Bank Account Opening / Company Formation / Company Secretary / Accounting & Tax])

As the adage rightly points out, ‘Your network is your net worth.’ In a world where connections can turn into value, savvy entrepreneurs like you are always on the lookout for opportunities to expand and enhance your ventures. The business landscape can be tough and demanding, but the right alliances can make all the difference. Dive into AsiaBC’s Client Referral Program and discover how your business relationships can unlock new realms of potential.

  • Harness the Power of Connections
    Unlock the synergistic potential of your network with our tailored referral benefits.
  • How to Earn Exclusive AsiaBC Rewards
    Step-by-step guide to gaining unparalleled benefits through our referral system.
  • Why Share AsiaBC Solutions with Your Friends
    Leverage key strategies to boost your network gains in Hong Kong’s bustling market.
  • Refer & Earn with AsiaBC
    Join our successful partnership movement and see your referrals turn into rewards.

Harness the Power of Connections

AsiaBC launches the premier Client Referral Program – a synergistic way to share powerful business solutions with your network of fellow entrepreneurs.

Whether your friends are interested in establishing a company, securing a corporate account, managing accounting and audit needs, setting up a virtual office, or handling company secretary duties, the program gifts both you and your friend generous service credits for every successful referral.

You can use your credit rewards to significantly reduce costs, providing substantial savings with AsiaBC’s full suite of discounted offerings. Utilise these savings to streamline your operations and allow our one-stop solution to support you and your friends in starting, managing, and expanding your ventures in Hong Kong.

How to Earn Exclusive AsiaBC Rewards

Discover how you can harness your entrepreneurial circle and earn exclusive credits for every successful new sign-up :

The AsiaBC Client Referral Program is open to all existing AsiaBC clients in good standing.

Credit Rewards
For each successful new client signing up, both the referrer and referee can earn credits, where 1 credit equals 1 HKD. Here are the credits that can be earned :

  • 2,500 credits for Bank Account Opening + Company Formation
  • 2,000 credits for Bank Account Opening
  • 500 credits for Company Formation / Accounting and Tax
  • 250 credits for Virtual Office / Company Secretarial Services 

* All services are provided within Hong Kong only. 

Referral Process
1. Referral submission. Existing AsiaBC clients can refer new clients by using our referral link here and will receive an acknowledgement email for their confirmation.
2. Validation and onboarding. AsiaBC will verify the referrer and new client information, then the new client can use the credits instantly on their first purchase invoice.
3. Credit allocation. After AsiaBC onboards a new client, the referrers will receive a ‘Congratulations on Your Successful Referral’ email with their earned credits, referral code, and credit validity period.
4. Reward redemption. Referrers can redeem their accumulated credits for discounts on their next AsiaBC service purchase. All earned credits are valid for use for 12 months.

Why Share AsiaBC Solutions with Your Friends

Step into a world of opportunities with AsiaBC’s Client Referral Program. Explore these 5 benefits, designed to enhance your business success in Hong Kong and equally benefit both you and your referred friends :

1. Exclusive rewards.  Earn valuable credits for each successful referral. These credits not only reward you but also provide tangible benefits to your referred friends, making your connections mutually beneficial.
2. Boost business growth. Gain access to AsiaBC’s premium services at discounted rates, accelerating efficient growth for both you and your referred friends.
3. Expert guidance. Smooth operations are secured with personalised corporate solutions that adapt to the unique demands of you and your friends.
4. One-stop-shop solution. Benefit from the simplicity of AsiaBC’s one-stop solution for setting up, ensuring compliance, and expanding your business, a service that extends benefits to your referrals as well.
5. Global reach. Extend your business internationally, utilising AsiaBC’s expertise to access key markets in Hong Kong, Singapore, and beyond, offering advantages to both you and your network.

Refer & Earn with AsiaBC

The fast-paced world of business demands that you grab every opportunity laid on the table, and working with a trusted local partner to guide you and your network through the intricacies of owning a venture is a game-changer.

With AsiaBC’s flagship Client Referral Program, our suite of exclusive rewards is designed to address our community’s major pain points in forming the startup entity and fully support them in expanding their market, boosting their profits, and exploring new opportunities. By participating, both you and your friends benefit from our tailored services, creating a win-win scenario where everyone progresses together.

Harness the power of good connections and get ready to be incentivised. Take the first step and schedule a one-on-one session with our experts right now via WhatsApp at +852 6547 1314  or email us at business@asiabc.com.hk. By joining us, you’ll discover the dual benefits of spreading the word about services you trust and earning rewards together. Here’s your gateway to strengthen bonds and elevate one another alongside your peers. Seize this unique chance to amplify your impact in the business community!

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Asia Business Centre (Asia Business Centre (AsiaBC) [HK+SG Bank Account Opening / Company Formation / Company Secretary / Accounting & Tax])

Spread the Word, Land Your Reward : Introducing Dual Benefits with AsiaBC’s Client Referral System

Your network is your net worth. Unlock the true potential of your professional connections with AsiaBC's premier Client Referral Program.
Asia Business Centre (Asia Business Centre (AsiaBC) [HK+SG Bank Account Opening / Company Formation / Company Secretary / Accounting & Tax])

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