What is Registered Office Address?

According to Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Chapter 622 Section 658), every Hong Kong registered company must maintain a Hong Kong registered office address for statutory records of the company and receipt of acknowledging government’s correspondence.


Outsourcing Registered Office Address:

For the a number of reason such as privacy protection, corporate image, and cost saving, Hong Kong company owners would hire a Hong Kong address to act as their company’s registered office address. This action is completely legal.

AsiaBC offer Registered Office Address package, the details of package are as follows:

  • Service for 1-year, up-front charge.
  • Offer registered office address for company registration and bank account opening purpose
  • Handling incoming mails from government and bank only (scanning of mail is available upon request.)

We’d recommend our Hong Kong Virtual Office Service if you need any of extra capacity as the following:

  • to handle mails from other than government and banks
  • to keep mails in AsiaBC longer than 1 month
  • to instruct handling of your mails other than our basic process
  • to handle any parcels / goods / bulk mail.

Duties of clients:

To ensure proper services, our clients have the duties to ensure the following:

  • Maintaining another corresponding address for your business operation
  • Providing clear mailing instruction including recipients address and name.
  • Assigning reasonable amount of payment in AsiaBC’s account for the expense of postal / courier fee throughout the service period.
    • To save the expense of postal / courier, please select scanning-and-email as  mail handling.

For other mailing matters, AsiaBC charge separately at piece-rate under on-demand basis.

Upon special notice, government fee and postal is excluded.

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