Company Formation Service:
Hong Kong Private Company Limited by Shares

Also known as  “Hong Kong limited company”, it is the most common type of corporate legal entity for business in Hong Kong.

AsiaBC can incorporate a Hong Kong limited company for any person aged 18 or above anytime and anywhere, since Hong Kong limited company has no paid-up capital requirement and the company members and officers are no required to visit Hong Kong for registration.

To begin the setup, you need to decide the company member, address, shareholding structure, and company name.

Member: Shareholder(s) and Director(s)

Composition of Hong Kong Private Company Limited by Shares
  • At least one director is required, with an unlimited number of maximum directors permitted.
    • Directors are “employees” of the company, they receive director remuneration as reward.
  • At least one shareholder is required, with a maximum of 50.
    • Shareholders are “investors” of the company, they receive dividend as reward.
  • Directors and Shareholders can be:
    • a natural person or a company, and they can be any nationality and residency (or place of incorporation).
    • 18 years or older for natural person (no age requirement for corporate).
    • the same person (or same company).
  • The company has separated legal entity from its shareholders.

At least one of the directors must be a natural person according to New Companies Ordinance (the law of company registration in Hong Kong) effective on 3rd March 2014. When a company has only one director at any moment, the director must be a natural person.

Member: Company Secretary

  • At least one Company Secretary, with an unlimited maximum number.
  • Company Secretary can be either an individual or a corporate.
  • Local residency is required, it must be a Hong Kong resident or a Hong Kong limited company.
  • It is an “employee” of the company, it is responsible for the legal compliance of the company.

According to the Companies Ordinance, the same person can act as director and company secretary of the company at the same time when the company has more than 1 director. For sole-director company, the director cannot act as the Company Secretary at the same time, the solution is to appoint other person as Company Secretary.

Registered Office Address

  • The company must have one registered office address.
  • The address:
    • must be a local postal address but cannot be a P.O. address.
    • can be shared with other Hong Kong companies.
    • is the communication address for the Hong Kong government.

Shareholding Structure

Shareholding structure of a company realizes transparent distribution of company ownership among shareholders.

Share capital of the company is the sum of money that all shareholders (founders) agree to and declare to invest into the company in exchange of shares (i.e. ownership) of the company, the shareholders do not need to prove that they have already transferred the declared amount of money into the company during company registration process. In short, there is no paid-up capital requirement on registration.

FYI, founders is often used to describe the initial shareholders on company registration.

  • Propose the type of share, amount of share, amount of share capital and currency:
    • HKD, EUR, USD of any other convertible currency is accepted.
    • Maximum amount of share and share capital are unlimited.
    • Minimum amount of share is 1 and minimum share capital is one dollar.
    • At least one type of share must be declared
  •  Issue the proposed shares among founders:
    • It is an usual practice is to declare only 10,000 ordinary shares with a total share capital of HKD 10,000.
    • Every founders declare their subscribed amount of shares, minimum 1 share must be subscribed by a founder.
    • Founders are not required to subscribe all the issued shares, the unsubscribed shares can be transferred to founders or new members after incorporation.

Company Name

  • The name must be unique to any Hong Kong companies in registrar of Hong Kong Company Registry.
  • A Hong Kong company can have:
    • either an English name or a Traditional Chinese name, or;
    • Both English and Traditional Chinese name.

Formation Procedure

Your Information and documents

Company Name:

  • Select several preferred company names to go through the company name search for finding a unique company name.

Shareholder(s) and Director(s):

  • Full name / Company Name
  • Residential Address / Registered office address
  • Nationality / Place of incorporation
  • HKID or Passport number / Incorporation number

Company Secretary:

  • Full name / Company Name
  • HKID or Passport number / Incorporation number
  • Hong Kong Residential Address / Hong Kong registered office address

You can hire AsiaBC to act as Company Secretary of your company and/or provide company secretarial services for your company after registration.

Shareholding structure:

  • Share issuance:
    • Type of share
    • Currency
    • Quantity
    • Share capital
  • Share subscription:
    • Founders subscribe the type and quantity of the issued share.

Registered Office Address:

  • One Hong Kong postal address (non-P.O.Box address)

You can hire AsiaBC to supply an shared office address for your company registration and/or provide government letters collection service  for your company after registration.

Our paperwork

We will:

  • Prepare the Articles of Association of your company based on the information and documents you supplied for your company.
  • File the government forms and settle government fees for company incorporation and business registration.

You will receive:

  • The Articles of Association of your company
  • Certificate of Incorporation (CI) valid for 1-year
  • Business Registration Certificate (BR) valid for 1-year

For bank account opening of Hong Kong, we can provide “certified true copy” document legalization service to your company documents:

  • Print copy of the Articles of Association
  • Print copy of the Certificate of Incorporation (CI)
  • Print copy of the Business Registration Certificate (BR)
  • Print copy of the personal identification documents and company incorporation documents of the shareholders and directors.

Optionally, you can purchase some tailor-made hardware bearing your company name (commonly named as “company kit”):

  • Share certificate book
  • Pre-inked round stamp
  • Pre-inked rectangular stamp
  • Common seal
  • Green cardboard box

Processing time

We can register a Hong Kong limited company for you in one business day after we receive all the documents and information, government fees and our service fee from you.

Extra Services:

  • We need at least 1 working day to obtain “certified true copy” of your company documents, it charges separately.
  • We need at least 3 working days to prepare the optional company hardware, it charges separately.
  • Courier service fee are excludes.

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