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We relocate your business and you life to Hong Kong – simple and easy.

We are Asia Business Centre (AsiaBC). We are your one-stop partner of entrepreneur relocation from any countries to Hong Kong – an offshore financial hub in Asia with an independent legal system from China.

For any investors and business owners, we are specialized in helping you to incorporate and operate your business in Hong Kong, just as it has been for several thousand small and medium-sized businesses.

We provide an experienced team of entrepreneur relocation specialists and network of company secretaries, accountants, tax consultants, and immigration experts who are intimately familiar with the latest Hong Kong’s regulatory framework.

To successfully establish your entrepreneurship to Hong Kong, we believe that every aspect of your tailor-made entrepreneur relocation solution are interconnecting to each other as follows:

The Overview of Entrepreneur Relocation service by Asia Business Centre.

How to arrange Entrepreneur Relocation in Hong Kong?

In brief, Company, Bank Account, VISA, and AsiaBC support.

We classified our services into the following 5 fields:

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