Why you need a Wealth Management Adviser?

AsiaBC is the consultants of investment and wealth planning for business relocation to Hong Kong.

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Focusing on the “big picture” of your wealth portfolio, our wealth management advisers can act as your personal consultant to devise personalized strategies and solutions for your individual needs as well as to achieve the goal of relocation to Hong Kong.

We are capable of providing fine-tuned wealth management advisory of comprehensive strategic planning, investment, and portfolio management for our entrepreneur relocation client worldwide heading to Hong Kong. We are able to coordinate and team with our worldwide professional partners like financial planner, attorneys, and accountants to serve your in-depth financial needs, including tax-minimization strategic planning, trust management, wealth transfers, real estate (property) planning & management, portfolio performance analytic, stock options, and more.

Overview of AsiaBC Wealth Management Services as a part of Entrepreneur Relocation package.

Overview of AsiaBC Wealth Management as a part of our entrepreneur Relocation by Asia Business Centre.

Our wealth management advisers identify your financial objectives and suggest the appropriate financial professionals who are in tune with your ultimate goals in accordance with your preferences.  Meanwhile, you can target your needs by the the following questions:

What are your investment goals?

What are you working toward?

Is it a comfortable retirement? Or are you planning to leave a specific legacy to someone? Do you have philanthropic or charitable goals?

How is your Risk Tolerance?

How much fluctuation in value can you tolerate in exchange for the opportunity to earn above average returns?

How long is your Time Horizon?

When, if at all, will you need to withdraw money from your investments?

What are your Income Needs?

Do you need concurrent income from your investment portfolio? How much do you need?

If you do not need the income immediately, when will you need the income?

What is your tax situation?

Does your tax situation require a tax efficient approach or strategy?

What are your other assets?

Do you have significant wealth tied up in real estate or other illiquid assets?

What are your other financial, legal or tax needs?

Do you have complex estate planning needs? Do you have any needs related to trusts and wealth transfers?

Select the appropriate schemes

It is because Wealth Management Advisory is a big part of entrepreneur relocation

Connecting with our network of financial professionals in Hong Kong, AsiaBC considers the following attributes before we make any suggestion.

  • Loans & Mortgage Referal

    Need to invest in Hong Kong real estate? Then, we can compare the best mortgage plans in the market and fight the best term in loan contract for you.

  • Competence and Reputation

    The wealth managers hold industry-recognized professional designations and credentials and have solid reputation in the community.

  • Stewards of Your Money

    The wealth manager practices only ethical and prudent decision-making on your behalf and in your best interests.

  • Referrals from other Professionals

    The wealth managers are referred by your own professionals who trust that person’s judgment in making the referral.

If you are interested in the market of wealth management in Hong Kong, you are free to view our “Business Guide to Hong Kong” section for more information.

Do you have questions of wealth relocation to Hong Kong?