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Win Your Customers’ Trust : 5 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Image

Whenever your customers make a purchase with you, it is because they trust your business and your brand name. After your website has drawn your target customer’s attention, the customer has a very limited time to decide whether here is a trustworthy business, if it is not, the customer does not stay here and exit immediately.

Here are 5 simple tips for every business website managers to improve the level of trustworthy of your website as well as your business.

Visual design

Although sense of aesthetic is subjective, visitors come to your website for information they want to know, and want to understand it as fast as possible. Regardless of your market, your website visitor must prefer that key information of your website is arranged neatly and in order. Especially, mobile devices are getting popular, you website must be easy to read on these small screen device. Lucky, Google has an intensive guides of web design for mobile device, we highly recommend it.

Updated content

Weather you are maintaining the content of a page of a post of your blog, timestamp showing the latest date of update should be placed beside the content. This time stamp gives your visitors the clear understanding that your website is actively monitored. For frequently update information, the timestamp should be placed over the top.

Moreover, you may use “strikethrough” to indicate that some text is wrong or deleted while you are updating the content. Instead of removing the content, strikethrough text can help your customers to know the changes of the content.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)

FAQ pages is the summary of the common questions you received from your customers, it specifically covers all the information concerned by your customers but they cannot find the direct answer from other web pages on your site. On the pages, you customers can find out your direct solutions regarding their questions, it not only help your customers to make decision faster, it also give a sense of established business to your customers in the long run.

Live chat

Email is a reliable and commonly used in business communication, it is a must-have contact method on every website. Integrating live chat service on your website can extend the reach to more customers because live chatting can focus to customers who look for instant reply from your business. It can give a feeling of lively to your customers as well.

We have integrated My Live Chat service into asiabc.co / asiabc.com.hk / asiabc.com.cn

Social media / Instant messenger

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, Linkedin, Tweeter, etc. You should create these account for your business (or brand) and show them on your “Contact us” page, they can serve as alternative contact point for your customers instead of email – which seems like a formal communication.
You can also include social media profile of your founder members and teammates on your website (Privacy alert: utilize the privacy setting of these social media, or create separate accounts for the public), so your customers feel that your business is running by the people they know.

We have include AsiaBC’s Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter account on “Contact Us” page.

Brand Story

You can put your brand story on the front page, or add a special page elaborate brand story. To share you own experience in the business to the customer, it not only can get you closer to the customers, but also win their trust in you. strengthen the brand image, serve multiple purposes.

We have included Linkedin profiles of our founder members – Raymond WONG and Danny CHAN on “Our Team” page.

Conclusion: Let your customers to love your brand from their heart

Nurturing relationships with your customers is a crucial part of growing a successful business. Always take your customer’s feedback seriously and act upon reasonable requests.