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“Belt & Road Initiative” : Bridging the Gap with Global Opportunities

AsiaBC was honoured to be a participating enterprise of The 2nd Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade (“WCIFIT”), took place in Chongqing, a province in western mainland China. The four-day events aimed at matching the participating companies to explore opportunities of cross-border co-operation. The event was conducted by the Chongqing Municipal People’s Government and the Bank of China starting from 16th May 2019. According to the statistical data from the media, the venue had been hosting over participating 440 Chinese companies and 190 overseas companies from 95 foreign territories, they held over 800 meetings and signed 87 agreements of the intent of co-operation.

Bridging Chinese Companies with Global Opportunities

During the corporate matching event concluded on 19th May, Raymond WONG, the founder of AsiaBC, had signed two agreements of the intent of co-operation with the Chinese companies. Both parties expressed the mutual interest of utilizing the Hong Kong SAR infrastructure as the preferred platform to cater both inbound and outbound investment, and the co-operation enables the mainland companies to capture global business opportunities emerging in the countries connecting with the “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Raymond believes that the enhanced connections between professional services companies in Hong Kong and the manufacturing and technology enterprises in mainland China are vital in promoting the unique position in the “Belt and Road Initiative” of Hong Kong. He added that the Hong Kong business entities and financial system are proved to provide a solid foundation for both Chinese corporations and foreign enterprises to undergo international business activities.

Gallery of photos taken in The 2nd Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade Event, Chongqing, China, 16 ~ 19 May 2019

Benefits of Hong Kong for Doing Business

Hong Kong, rated by the Heritage Foundation as the world’s freest economy for 23 consecutive years, is famous for its straightforward business environment, where most business can be carried free from regulatory intervention. Its transparent, low-tax regime, as well as its independent flows of capital and information, all couple to effectively lower overall operational costs and facilitate rapid access to international market opportunities. Therefore, Chinese enterprises often perceive Hong Kong as their preferred international business and finance services platform. When they are pursuing opportunities brought by the “Belt and Road” Initiative, the unique economic and commercial benefits provided by Hong Kong can speak for itself.

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