AsiaBC “Account Opening Specialist” AD on HKTDC Expo Magazine

AsiaBC's advertisement is present on HKTDC World SME Services Expo (December 2017)

Free HK Company Formation

A client has come across a Hong Kong corporate service provider offering free-of-charge company formation service now.

Will HK Ban Cryptocurrencies?

After the bans of cryptos trading in China, will Hong Kong follow? Are cryptos legal tender? Will Hong Kong government support it?

China Bans Trading of Cryptocurrencies

Why is China’s central bank banning cryptocurrencies?

How is the Sharing Economy in HK?

With the boom of online platforms connecting specific users, renting your underutilized stuff with others is the core of sharing economy.

3 Reasons for Russian to Move Your Cash to HK

If you are are careful investor, you do not put all your eggs in one basket. Here are 3 reasons to put your cash from Russia to Hong Kong.

Working in China: Individual Double Tax Relief for HK Residents

The mainland China and Hong Kong governments have signed agreement to solve double taxation problem faced by H.K. residents working cross-border.

Russia & HK Double Tax Treaty Enters in Force

Russia has concluded a Double Tax Treaty with Hong Kong, it has been applied from 1 January 2017 in Russia and from 1 April 2017 in Hong Kong.

Cryptocurrency Payment is Available Now. (e.g. Bitcoin & Ether)

Do you have Bitcoin or Ether to spend? AsiaBC welcomes you.

9 Facts of HK E-Retail You Should Know

We share our hands-on experience of doing e-retail in Hong Kong, a well-developed economy and an fast-growing online shopping market.

How to Make Business Website Looks More Trustworthy?

Simple steps in how to build trust with your customers when they visit your business website.

To Outstand Your Business: Creating Your Niche Market

Grouping your customers and provide them for focus products is the key to turn any business into profits.

Expats Guide of Business Account Opening in HK

Bank account opening at Hong Kong is more complex and time consuming. Let's see the updated guide to expats in year 2017.

How to Get HK Working Visa?

Is it difficult to find a job/working visa in Hong Kong? Let's see what is happening in the city.

15 Facts for Doing Business in HK 2017

Hong Kong is ranked as the world's freest economy, again. It is the moment to givea refresh about doing business in Hong Kong in 2017.

Samsung Pay: New Mobile E-Wallet in HK

Samsung has launched its eponymous mobile payment services via Samsung smartphones exclusively since May, we think it is the moment of trut to check its competitiveness.

HK SMEs: Building up Intellectual Property

AsiaBC was interview by HKTDC for Intellectual Property registration in Hong Kong, we shared our views as a corporate service provider with their interviewer in April.

Living in HK: Android Pay & Apple Pay

Apple Pay and Android Pay are simple to use every day. Pay securely with your credit cards with just a touch of your smartphone.