3 Tips for Running a Small Business

Thoughts and experience of starting and running a small business.

Neat, Currenxie & Statrys – Replacement of HK Business Bank Account?

The latest Multi-currency Business Account has benefits over conventional bank accounts, here is what you should know before apply for it.

The Niche of Banks and Virtual Banks: Statry, Neat & Currenxie

Hong Kong virtual banks are coming to the city, it stirs confusion among startups that why Neat and Currenxie are not virtual banks.

7 Difficulties of Opening HK Business Bank Account for Startups

In the fall of 2019, startups are still having problems in opening of business bank accounts, why?

[ Tax Tips ] Stamp Duties on Transfer of Residential Property (II)

Take a look at how people in Hong Kong avoiding the stamp duties in the housing property market.

[ Tax Tips ] Stamp Duties on Transfer of Residential Property (I)

Stamp Duty is a part of administrative measures to curb the overheat residential property market in Hong Kong, do you know how it work?

[ Tax Tips ] Corporate Accounting V.S. Statutory Audit

Corporate accounting and statutory audit are often confusing: Both are obligations of Hong Kong companies, but their handling are different.

[ Tax Tips ] 5 Important Dates of Running HK Companies

After you register your Hong Kong company, you must remember these dates and settle the obligations on-time to get rid of trouble.

[ Tax Tips ] How to Play Smart to Deductible Expense in Profits Tax for HK Startups?

Be smart to claim your business expenditures as deductible expenses against your Profits Tax. Understand the risk of claim to much and how to avoid.

[ Tax Tips ] Legally Get 1 Year Ahead for Profits Tax Return without Cost

A Hong Kong company can obtain over 12 months ahead for getting the taxation and accounting duties of Profits Tax ready, without any cost (or even saving some money).

3 Reasons for Freelancers & Startups to Run a Company

For freelancers and small startups, we have 3 significant advantages to register a limited company for running you business right now.

[ News ] AsiaBC Supports Chinese Firms for Going Global via HK

AsiaBC signed cooperation intention agreements with Chinese partners to bring Chinese enterprises to capture international and offshore businesses.

Financing HK Startups – Intro of Microfinance Scheme by HKMC

Do you need to secure a fund for your business startup? You should not miss the HKMC's Microfinance Scheme! It is a hybrid of small business loan and startup supporting aid, backed by the HKSAR government.

3 Steps to Turn Idea into Business in HK

To turn your idea into a business, you need to create a startup. We have 3 tips for you to kickstart, register a company, write the business plan, and attract business partners.

Why SVF Prepaid Debit Card is Better than Credit Card?

With rise of Hong Kong's Stored Value Facility, debit cards (prepaid Mastercard or UnionPay card) are more available to everyone than ever.

10 Tips to Wise HK Company up about Profits Tax Calculation & Savings

Every April, it's time to file the Profits Tax return in Hong Kong.

3 Steps to Start Your Business in HK

Simple guide of doing small business in Hong Kong for non-residents (2019 Update), linking company formation, tax, and bank account.

Review of AML/ CTF Enhancements in HK

Hong Kong has upgraded its regulations on AML/CFT upgrade since 1 March 2018, it's time to look at what the customers should know.