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& Reach Out New Market

Branch Office has a specific meaning in Hong Kong, it is not a separated business entity, it is registered as a local business extension of existing Hong Kong-registered business or Hong Kong incorporated company.

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According to Hong Kong Company Ordinance (the company laws of Hong Kong), “Branch” is defined as “an extension of a Hong Kong registered business” so the the branch is operating under the full control of and full liability to the branch’s owners. In short, branch gives advantages of accounting and operation to owners for expanding its business by establishing new brand names or outlets.

If you are a overseas business owner and looking for setting up your business in Hong Kong, we recommend incorporation in Hong Kong, and you may learn more about various business entities in Hong Kong.

The Branch Registration and Business Registration procedures share a high degree of similarity – both the procedure are regulated and approved by Inland Revenue Department (IR).

Requirement of Branch Registration in Hong Kong

  • A valid Business Registration Certificate of your existing business
  • A valid branch business name (a company name search for availability in advance is recommended)
  • A valid address in Hong Kong (i.e. can be the same as your existing business registered address)

Procedures of Branch Registration in Hong Kong

  • Begin the new business of under the name of this branch, and then proceed to Branch Registration within one month after its starting day.
  • Collect necessary documents and information for the formation of branch in Hong Kong.
  • Prepare the branch office formation documents (delivery the document to address of branch’s owner for signature is optional).
  • Submit the original signed company documents to the government department and pay all government fees.
  • Monitor the whole process and keep the client update for any news.
  • Pick up Business Registration from the government department.
  • Deliver the documents to the client.

Advantages of Hong Kong Branch Office

  • Fast, easy, and cheap to setup
  • To extend your present of business portfolio with the least effort of accounting and operation

Disadvantages of Hong Kong Branch Office

  • The parent company is accountable and responsible for all legal liabilities and debts of the branch office
  • A branch office is not a legally incorporated entity in Hong Kong