Property Investment in Hong Kong

We combine financial tools in the market to leverage your money in Hong Kong real estate.

In Hong Kong, mortgage loan is the most commonly accessible leverage to maximum the potential return of your property investment. Since the repayment period of mortgage loans are often over decades, the demand of finding the best mortgagee is strong among property buyers.

Asia Business Centre (AsiaBC) offers mortgage brokerage services in Hong Kong to provide the up-to-date mortgage loans of prestigious financial institutions (including banks), property investment planning consultation and mortgage referral service for every homebuyers and real estate investor in Hong Kong.

Types of Real Estate we can help to mortgage:

  • “First-Hand” and “Second-Hand” properties
  • Residential properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Commercial properties

Type of properties finance:

  • New mortgage
  • Re-financing
  • Further charge
  • Second mortgage
  • Bridging loan

Services we can help:

  • Maximize the buyers protection
  • Compare for the latest mortgage offers
  • Arrange of property valuation
  • Analyze mortgage offers for the most feasible one
  • Get replied of pre-approval loan amount from mortgagee
  • Submit mortgage applications and follow the processes
  • Assist in loan contract creation

Why AsiaBC’s Mortgage Brokerage Services?

  • FREE consultation

    Even you have history of rejected mortgage from financial institutions and banks, we can offer “tailor-made” package to maximize your successful rate of mortgage application from institutions.

  • Save your money

    We constantly access the up-to-date information and special offers from wide variety of mortgagee in Hong Kong, and select the best one for you.

  • Save your time

    Simply tell us your needs, you can shop the best mortgage loans among Hong Kong banks and financial institutions. Sit back and relax.

  • Meet your needs

    Unlike the institutional mortgagees who have preference of clients, we welcome mortgage inquires of all property like apartments, offices, old tenements, village houses, offices, shops, factories and etc. and seek the best solution for you.

  • Maximize your gain

    We do not work for any financial institutions, so we can offer unbiased advice of mortgage market, compare the latest loan products, and combine financial tools from different lenders for your maximum benefits.

  • Fast Response

    Our specialists will get back to your questions in one business day.

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