We find good loan for your company

by comparing SME loans from various banks and lending institutes in Hong Kong.

SMEs are facing difficulty in accessing good loans for business installations, equipment acquisition, and working capital from those institutional lenders. Most likely, SME borrowers lack the resource to manage their portfolio to match the lenders’ requirement and the financial skills to deal with them.

Therefore, AsiaBC steps in, support SME to obtain the most feasible loans according your financial needs by acting as financial intermediary in Hong Kong (i.e. middleman) between our loan-seeking client, and various financial institutions such as banks, ensuring the right lender’s loan is allocate to the right borrower’s hand.

How Financial Intermediary Work?

It is the fact different lending institutions have their own loan structures, fee tables and varying interest rates, these are changing from time to time.

In the moment when a SME borrower need to access loans, seeking advisory from the intermediaries like AsiaBC who are familiar with lenders’ discrepancies is the best guide to  choose the best deal in the market.

How AsiaBC Help SMEs to Get Loans?

Credit Score matters

  • Credit Report is the records of your personal behaviors of financing, it tells your possible lenders that you are a “good” or “bad” borrower.
  • Your bad credit history leads to bad credit scores – a rating of your credibility in a snapshot; Bad credit score results in higher interest rates and harder to get personal and business loans.
  • AsiaBC can’t rebuild your credit score but we assist you to correct your credit history which in turn improve your credit score since some mistakes on your credit report can be fixed.
  • Failed applications of loans from financial institutions (e.g. banks) hurt your credit score, they are recorded in your Credit Report. More failure applications in your credit report means harder acquisition of loans.
  • Plan wisely! Seeking help from financial intermediary for loans planning in advance to applications can save you from the vicious cycle.

Unbiased Advice

  • AsiaBC offers an impartial comparison in the loans market to our clients.
  • AsiaBC does not work for any lending financial institute, our advice are not biased toward any lenders.

"One-stop" Comparison

  • AsiaBC can assist you (borrower) with personal loans, SME loans, and corporate loans (i.e. mortgage loans, mortgage refinancing, personal loan, overdrafts facilities, revolving loans, secured asset loans, term loans, trade finance, HK government SME loan guarantee scheme, receivables finance, factoring finance, and any financial products you know from banks and other financial institutions.)
  • You are assured to find the best loans as well as financial products once you tell us your needs.

Risk Assessment

  • We evaluate your current financial situation by accessing your financial information including, but not limited to, tax receipt, bank statement, and credit report*.
  • You know if you are eligible to qualify for the financial tools that help to settle your need.

* : External service charges may be generated from 3rd party agency for producing the required financial reports.

No Upfront Fee

  • AsiaBC will not charge any upfront fees from borrowers!
  • Handling fee will be applied when you sign to accept the loan offer.

No Hidden Charge

  • AsiaBC’s handling fee is clearly stated in our service agreement.
  • We charge a flat rate for our handling fee, a constant marginal rate of your final collected loan amount.

Your Rights

  • Your rights and your obligations are clearly stated in a loan contract between you and the lender.
  • AsiaBC guarantees to explain all the details in loan contracts and agreements before you sign.
  • You keep every document you signed for your record.
  • In short, your thorough understanding is assured.


  1. Approach AsiaBC
  2. Tell us your needs, and your current financial information
  3. Identify the possible loan amount by risk assessment (handled by AsiaBC)
  4. Choose the most feasible financial products among lending financial institutes
  5. Understand the possible AsiaBC’s handling fee of these products
  6. Document submission to selective lenders (handled by AsiaBC)
  7. Get reply from lenders for primary result
    • If you reject the lenders offer, no fee is generated.
    • Tell us your idea about their offer, we will follow up
  8. Prepare for the service agreement (handled by AsiaBC)
  9. Prepare for the loans contract (handled by the lender)
  10. Sign and confirm the contract and agreement
  11. Receive the loan amount and settle AsiaBC’s service fee
  12. Follow the terms and condition of the loan contract

Types of Financial Products

AsiaBC assists you to get the best deal of them from lending financial institutions.

Personal Loan

  • Unsecured loan
  • Loan amount up to HKD1,200,000
  • Fast processing time and fund disbursement
  • Proof of your employment income is required

Asset Secured Loan

  • Secured loan
  • Vast varieties of collateral are accepted (e.g. property, Hong Kong Dollar or other currency time deposits, investment deposit, stocks, securities, investment funds, bonds, investment deposits, certificates of deposit, insurance policies, standby letter of credit and statement gold)
  • Loan amount up to 100% of collateral’s market value
  • Interest rate as low as Prime rate
  • The aggregate loan amount can be up to HK$10,000,000 when your application is a combination of various types of facilities as follows:
    • Installment Loan
    • Overdraft Facility
    • Trade Finance
    • Foreign Exchange / Treasury Limit
    • Bank guarantee

Unsecured SME Loan

  • Unsecured loan
  • Loan amount up to HKD2,000,000
  • Tenor up to 5 years
  • Interest Rate as low as prime rate
  • Proof of your business profit is required

Trade Finance

Access the best tools to finance your importing or exporting business.

Import trade

  • L/C Issuance
  • Back-to-Back L/C
  • Import Bills for Collection
  • Import Loan
  • Shipping Guarantee
  • Trust Receipt Facilities
  • Import Invoice Financing

Export trade

  • L/C Advising and Confirmation
  • L/C Transfer
  • Export Bills for Collection
  • Export Bills Advance
  • Export Bills under L/C for Collection
  • Negotiation / Discount of Export Bills under L/C
  • Packing Loan
  • Pre-shipment Financing
  • Export Invoice Discounting

Other products

  • Guarantee / Bond / Standby L/C
  • Forfaiting
  • Factoring
  • Foreign Exchange Services

Receivable Financing

  • For companies do trading business with both local and foreign customers on open account
  • Companies access financing with their accounts receivable and no other collateral required
  • Loan amount can be up to 80% of the invoice value

SME Loan Guarantee Scheme (SGS)


  • Operated by Trade and Industry Department of HKSAR government
  • Launched in 2012

Aim of (SGS):

  • to help SMEs secure loans from the selective lending institutions for acquiring:
    • business installations and equipment
    • working capital
    • a combination of both


  • The government’s guarantee for a SME is 50% of the lender’s approved loan size, subject to a maximum amount of HK$6 million.
  • The guarantee period is up to a maximum of five years, counting from the first drawdown date of the loan.


SME Financing Guarantee Scheme (SFGS)


  • Operated by The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited (HKMC)
  • Launched in 2011

Aim of SFGS:

  • To help non-listed SMEs and non-listed enterprises obtain financing from participating lenders
  • The loans must be used for:
    • providing general working capital of the business


  • HKMC provide guarantee coverage of 50%, 60%, 70% or special approval of 80% (under Special Concessionary Measures only) to the approved loans from lenders, subject to maximum loan amount of HK$12 million.
  • HKMC’s guarantee fee applied.
  • The guarantee period is up to a maximum of five years, counting from the first drawdown date of the loan.


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